Greetings Comrades

Well this is all so exciting! establishing my very first Blog but as an aspiring author I’m told this is a necessity. I always thought that to be a writer one only needed to write, silly me. Perhaps having a blog will encourage me to write more regularly although I hope it doesn’t distract me from my current work in progress; “The Voyages of Achmid Huchmid and Folletti” a whimsical fantasy about two elementals, the first is a Jack Frost-ian character ‘the south wind’ the second is a Wind Knot a sylph from the Italian alps. They are lovers traveling the human world and having adventures. This provides me with a platform for writing about my true passions: Environmental and Social Justice Issues. This is the second book I’ve written the first “To Do the Right Thing” is a completed work in search of a publisher and audience. Well there you have it. Comments are always welcome and as I tell the writers in my writing support group the Acton Writers Group “Remember, keep writing”

be well


2 thoughts on “Greetings Comrades

  1. This is not a reply to your question about conversation. I just want to tell you how happy I am for you with this endeavor. Looking forward to popping in.!


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