A different Christmas Carol

To my Friends at the Mass Department of Highway Safety:

Massachusetts Department of Highway Safety

10 Park Plaza, Suite 3720
Boston, MA 02116


A Different Christmas Carol

Yikes! I screwed up big time yesterday afternoon. After church I requested that the kind individual who drives me back and forth to Services drop me off at the Acton Memorial Library; only to discover that the facility doesn’t open until 02:00 P.M. on Sundays. So I went to the Acton Coffee House to wait until it was time to walk up the hill. I needed to get to the library for two reasons; one: it was a mild dry day and two:  I’d set a task for myself to submit a request form to reserve the Conference room for the monthly meeting of the Acton Writers Group; which I successfully completed. I got invested in perusing my email and Facebook Feeds and completely lost track of the time; happens all the time. It was 04:00 P.M. and the Sun’s light was beginning to wane, becoming muted. Sharing an opposite aversion to sundown as an immortal undead vampire I quickly gathered my laptop plus its accoutrements, donned my layers of winter clothing, and began the long march back down Rt. 27 in the growing darkness.  I reached Rt. 2A in full darkness wondering if my luck would hold. It didn’t; I got hit 100 Yards from Davis Rd. and died. I had to spend the night hangin’ with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the kids. Thankfully they were celebrating Chanukah and invited me to share a lovely meal with them. How could I refuse? Time passes in a strange fashion here; which I don’t mind really because the Christ household has WiFi that they don’t mind sharing and allows me to access my email and Facebook accounts, but the constant sound of Frank Sinatra singing “I did It My Way” in the background is getting a tad annoying.

This attempt at Christmas humor may or may not entertain but that is not its true purpose. You may already have realized that the more subversive purpose for my writing this whimsical tale is to cast light on the highly dangerous situation that currently exists for pedestrians attempting to traverse that section of Route 2A between Davis Road and Route 27 in Acton, MA. Hypothetically; suppose you were a disabled or handicapped individual who doesn’t drive and you need to pick up your required daily medication from the CVS Pharmacy located in Woods Plaza in Acton, MA, what would be your alternatives? Very limited I assure you; because this is no hypothetical scenario, but a fact of life that I and others like me must deal with on a regular, sometimes daily basis. Now you fine folks at the Mass Department of Transportation are very intelligent people, who when presented with an engineering problem would have little difficulty in finding a satisfactory solution. However, on the off chance that you’re unable to figure this one out I am more than happy to make recommendations.

My first choice would be to ban all motor vehicle traffic along Route 2A, but barring the acceptance of that suggestion I offer this second proposal; an environmentally safe and acceptable wooden walkway, outbound from the roadway and separate enough from traffic as to assure pedestrian safety, would suffice nicely. Whatever resolution that you come up with; I would hope that you do it soon because there are only so many times I can cheat death before one of the crazy motorists who race up and down the afore mentioned stretch of highway are sure to break my body eventually.

Happy Holidays Y’all


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