Pass Mass – The Power is in the Roots

This is a copy of the email that I sent to my two adult daughters this morning explaining my activities of last evening regarding Pass Mass.

I appreciate your support for my Activism and since you both expressed interest in learning more about what I’m doing, here it is.

Sunday night’s meeting was a planning/strategizing get-together attended by several members of the Assabet River Valley Green Chapter of the Rainbow Party (of which I’m a member), one Acton Town Selectmen and one Democratic Committee member. Their experience and help has been invaluable, as is having collaboration from the more well known Democratic Party.

What is Pass Mass?

Pass Mass is legislation intended to Amend the Massachusetts State Constitution, a daunting but necessary task to remove the corrupting influence of money in our political process, to refute the notion that corporations are people, and money is speech. We had asked our legislators to rectify this previously. Recall the “Clean Elections Law” passed in 1998, when Julia was nine years old and Liz was thirteen; you both were concerned with other things at the time as was I. Our legislators refused to fund it and then ended it by voice vote. As a result, we believe that it’s time for citizens to act to amend (clarify) the Massachusetts Constitution ourselves.

There is a similar effort at the Federal level to amend the US Constitution to overturn the disastrous Citizen United Supreme Court decision declaring that corporations were people and as such could donate funds to political campaigns, you might have heard about it, such as Move to Amend.

Both intend to do the same thing and are complimentary Pass Mass is at the State level while Move to Amend is a Federal initiative.

We have started the process of a ballot initiative to amend the Massachusetts Constitution to declare that “Corporations are not People, Money is not Speech”. I believe that the framers of the Massachusetts Constitution never meant for corporations to be considered people.

To even get this on the ballot for people to vote on it requires the gathering of signatures, to that end I intend to volunteer my time and energy to collect signatures by standing outside public gatherings, probably Donelan’s Grocery Store with a clip board and pen, asking people to sign.

And remember my darling girls, The Power is in the Roots.

Be well



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