I tire of winter’s frigid, icy grip on life and long for signs of spring;

the anthesis of determined Crocus, bird song, and a warm gentile breeze;

it is of these I wish to sing.


I know that you too are weary of the cold and dark of this sun deprived season;

perhaps that’s what motivated you to migrate to sunnier climes where I cannot follow;

This, I feel is cruel beyond all reason.


I understand that you must do what is best for your spirit and soul;

so you must go and I must stay, bereft of your smiling face and gentile laughter.

Alone I remain in the dim, bitter winter, survival now my only goal.


I truly wish for you all the best and I know that you will succeed in your endeavor;

But please do not forget me for that I could not bear,

you will be taking a piece of my heart that I bequeath to you forever.


You are my friend and you will be impossible to replace;

that is the price of making friends and I will pay that cost,

especially if it means you will be happier when you reach you chosen place.


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