Seeking some Friends to help with the rest of my life.

Greetings Friends, Family, and adopted Family

I need to ask a favor; if you have a few minutes to spare out of your busy schedules it would help me immensely if you could visit my Blog, read an article or two, ‘Like’ one or more, and if possible and you feel so inclined, write a comment.

Most of you are aware that I’m an aspiring author in search of a Literary Agent and Publisher who will take an interest in my work and hopefully offer guidance, support and if the gods be willing that ultimate prize, a book deal. To that end I’ve created a Blog separate from Facebook, yet linked, so that what content I post on my Blog will also post there in my FB News feed.

To get published in today’s literary market agents and publishing houses want the unpublished to have marketability, that translates to shamelessly self promoting our work and demonstrating that new authors have a marketing plan. The one thing I will not do is to alter my work to make it more saleable i.e. change the story in such a manner that it becomes boiler plate fiction or in the words of the late Terry Pratchett, EFP “Extruded Fantasy Product. It can be recognized by the fact that you can’t tell it apart from all the other EFP. It helps my case if I have a following on my Blog of people who actually do read what I’ve written and that is the reason for my request. I thank you in advance. I’m also seeking ‘readers’ people, non-authors, who will volunteer to read my novel and provide polite feedback.

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