Give me Peace

Give Me Peace


Dennis G Carsiti

Give me truth because the truth will set me free

Give me love because love feeds the soul

Give me Faith because Faith soothes my loneliness

Take my truth because I have wisdom to share

Take my love because I still have love to give

Take my Faith because Faith is meant to be shared

In today’s world mendacity abounds and confounds

what the masses of humanity jibber on about the furtherance of nonevents

the mundane media circus, more theater than truth,

where lies abound to dull the senses and feed the market need

to buy, buy, buy. This new item, that new line it is all false, empty and vapid

What does the human soul cry out for in the midst of our growing deserts?

Is not just the water of life but a shared consciousness that we have value,

that all life has value, black, brown, the absence of color, tincture of skin is an illusion

because all are alike under the fleshy covering of our protective outer layer

Even this most wondrous gift has provoked discord between the sons of Abraham

“You can’t have the good without the bad” are the cantillates in my mind’s ear of my

Black clad, long dead Muses, who will not remain silent as they should.

Is it a quality of paramnesia that dictates my confusion

with the incongruities of our conflicted values

where those tasked with the imperative to protect and serve

are the instruments of our oppression, even unto death

Would that there were some remedy or Galenical

that could be sipped liked wine and render all at peace.

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