I live alone

I live alone but not by choice,

I walk through life along a solitary path and yet rejoice.

No matching foot prints can be seen

by my side along the winding way I’ve been.

Yet I know I’ve made my mark,

 to alert the world and light the dark

of my passing through this place

for I have daughters who bare a familiar face.

Who in turn will have a son or daughter

 to mark their passing and resume the laughter.

There are no eyes into which I look

to see each night the love I  took,

from willing maid and lusty wife,

they are all gone now from my life.

I walk through time as just a single

yet have the pleasure to freely mingle

with all who share the earth’s great plenty

and I find self worth by keeping busy.

I volunteer, and that is enough, for every day

to keep my demons away an’ at bay.

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