The Case of the missing cat food

Nala, my roommate and companion, is a finicky eater for a member of the feline species. She is a sweet tempered mixed breed with some part Egyptian Mau, Bengal, Abyssinian, and American Domestic Short hair; basically this means I have no idea what her origins are nor do I care over much because she suites me perfectly. There is a problem that has recently arisen in our idyllic lives that is causing us both much consternation. The source of the trouble rests around Nala’s dietary preferences and my refusal to accept common thievery or subterfuge from Pet Suppliers.


The issue began several weeks ago when PetCo, an excellent company to do business with, whose orders were always filled on time and delivered via UPS to my door, all at a fair and affordable price, discontinued the product I usually order and the only cat food finicky Nala will eat. Now I know what you’re thinking, “when she gets hungry she’ll eat what ever you put in front of her.” Obviously you have never owned a cat, not a fussy, finicky eater like Nala in any case. I’ve tried many other varieties, brands, and products to no avail. I even purchased a whole chicken and made a batch of homemade chicken and tuna with as much love as I could incorporate into it. This was over a year ago and so it sits still uneaten in my freezer to this day. The only product my Nala will consent to dine upon is “Fancy Feast Appetizer White Meat Chicken and Flaked Tuna Treat For Cats” an over descriptive, redundant name to say the least but that’s what it’s called.  I order it in bulk, online, and have it delivered because I can’t easily arrange to buy her pet supplies by any other method due to the cumbersome nature of her dietary requirements, not to mention the litter box material that weighs 42 lbs. per package. My normal order is:

Fancy Feast Appetizer White Meat Chicken and Flaked Tuna Treat For Cats

SKW – 30335923KT1 – $16.99/case of ten trays Ordered: 6 cases – $101.94

Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food – 3013627 – Ordered: 1 – 16 lb bag – $21.83

Fresh Step Premium Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter Multiple Cat Strength – 42 lbs. $21.49

Faced with a starving cat companion is not fun, felines are relentless and very good at making their humans feel extremely guilty around food issues. So I searched for another vendor that carries the necessary items and to supply my pet’s needs. Unfortunately I found This is the topic and disturbing story I wish to share so that other pet owners will be wary of using

I placed my usual order with but what was delivered was less than what I’d ordered. They shorted me three and a half cases. One case had been neatly cut open and five trays removed. I subsequently called the vendor to report the shortage and was promised a quick remedy of another delivery of four full cases since the company doesn’t ship half cases despite my evidence to the contrary. I dutifully waited the stated time until a package was again delivered. This time there were only two cases in the carton, and one of those only contained eight trays out of a stated ten per case. Again I called the vendor, to complain, this time I was a bit more vexed and let the operator know that I was not pleased. On this occasion the phone agent needed to consult with her manager about my complaint. When she returned from hold her response was less than satisfactory. UPS stated to Pet 360 that the weight of my order was correct, (apparently shipments are determined by weight), and that my only recourse was to file a complaint with them (UPS) that would take several weeks to complete. Subterfuge and thievery, I was now a victim and without recourse because the old adage is so true “Once you pay, customer service it go away!” I have vowed to eviscerate on social media and to talk some ‘smack’ about them to anyone who will listen or read my tale of woe. Never mess with a writer, especially one with a blog.

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