The Echo of my Youthful Roar, an Old Man’s Lament

The Echo of My Youthful Roar, an Old Man’s Lament

I so long to kiss her sweet lips and feel the warmth of her mouth on mine, I’ve not forgotten, even though it has been quite some time.

In my mind I can still recall how it felt to hold a female form in soft embrace, and kiss that sweet angelic face.

To have my senses filled with freshly shampooed hair, mingled with a compatible pheromone scent, that of a woman I found so fair.

To feel her body pressed to mine, hers a delicate girth; while gazing into eyes that reflect back to me my own self worth.

But I’m now too old to find a free and willing partner for my final days; what follows next is unclear, as if in a haze.

I am but a blossom past its bloom, gone to seed so long ago. My children are all that’s left of my sunnier days that now I must forego.

I can still hear the echo of my youthful roar; but only in sleep will my dreams reveal my lover’s charms that still appeal.

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