What Truth Lies Within?

What truth lies within the penetralia of Donald Trump’s heart and mind? Is he pandering to the worst parts of us, the fear and hate that has permeated the American psyche since September 11th 2001 or does he actually believe the mendacious vitriol he spews? In either case isn’t it incumbent upon all good citizens of these United States to rebuke his rhetoric? If we do not reject the GOTP Presidential hopeful in his dubious claim to ‘Make America Great Again’ are we not complicitous in the resultant mayhem and demise of our fragile Democracy?

The popularity of Trump’s campaign among the conservative Right in this country is cause for concern. The GOTP, so recently in taters after the fractured promotion of Paul Ryan to the Speakership in Congress and the ascendency of the House’s so called ‘Freedom Caucus’ gives one pause to wonder, who or what is the Republican Party and what do they stand for? Leading to a larger question; who are we and what do we stand for? I guess this will all be sorted out in the 2016 election.

I know one thing for certain, I reject Donald Trump, I reject the GOTP. Most assuredly I reject the premise that we should live in fear, close our borders and not offer succor to refugees, continue to give welfare and tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy while ignoring the plight of the Middleclass. I reject ignoring the call that Black Lives Matter.  I rebuff those who would vilify the poor and fail to provide a reasonable path to citizenship for those seeking a better life in the US. There are a whole host of items on the Liberal agenda that have been ignored for far too long.

The pendulum of Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice will always swing in the opposite direction eventually, which is just the nature of things. The question is, which side of the pivot point will you be on?

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