The Little Red Hen

Do you know or have you ever experienced that disconcerting, unsettlement of spirit that comes from feeling that you’ve forgotten something important. It’s akin to waking from one of those horrific nightmares where you are standing in front of a crowd wearing naught but your Ellen underwear. I admit to being vexed by this motility for the past twenty-four hours or so. So what’s up with that? What has fallen through the cracks of my faulty memory? I’m fairly diligent, out of necessity, in writing things down, such as appointments, meetings, or other minutia of my day to day so that at least I have a record of what I’ve forgotten.

Thanks to my online Thesaurus I can put a name to the cause but not the reason:

Paramnesia ~ [par-am-nee-zhuh] – noun – 1. Psychiatry. A distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused. – 2. The inability to recall the correct meaning of a word.

Then of course there is – Hypomnesia – hy·pom·ne·sia (hī’pŏm-nē’zhə) – noun – Impaired memory.

Those of you who are logophiles will appreciate this the rest of you will just think I’ve finally ‘gone round the bend’ (Alice-ism) and you’re probably correct, if possessing an appreciation for language and lexicons makes one mad then I fully admit my insanity. I keep a MS Excel spreadsheet of obscure vocabulary words as a hobby and add to it daily.

Perhaps my paramnesia has something to do with the anticipation of the climate talks in Paris, France, or the tenuous and precarious situation that the residence of Alexandria, VA find themselves in during this season’s finally of TWD? Or could it be the many mucronations in the series “Into the Badlands” that has me on edge? Who knows” Who Cares? “Not I said the little red Hen” another Alice-ism!

The Little Red Hen

2 thoughts on “The Little Red Hen

    • Thanks for the reply Jenna,

      It’s a whimsical hobby of mine. I’ve compiled 244 obscure vocabulary words, many of them old English, French, and German derivatives. Oddly enough they cost absolutely $0.00 per word. What’s life without a little whimsy?


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