All you need to know about the state of the Paris COP 21 Climate Action talks.

Wicked Wilson Picket sang these lyrics to the joy of many including myself,

“I’m gonna wait ’til the midnight hour

That’s when my love comes tumbling down

I’m gonna wait ’til the midnight hour

When there’s no one else around”


Unfortunately the World currently finds itself, if not in the Midnight hour, then certainly in the Eleventh Hour as Negotiations in Paris at the COP 21 Climate Action talks appear all but certain fail yet again as profoundly as did COP 3 more commonly known as the Kyoto Accord eighteen years ago and for precisely the same reason; the failure of the US Congress to ratify it.

“The scientists warned on Friday, based on experience of past climate negotiations, that the deal could be weakened further in overnight talks, leaving humanity flirting with extreme danger – rising seas that could swamp island nations and flood many of the world’s coastal cities, intensified droughts and storms, and possibly a collapse of food production as the planet warms to intolerable levels.”

While we here in the US fret over the latest verbal outrage uttered by the GOTP’s leading Candidate Donald Trump,  the Planet gets closer to burning up, literally. The projections are dire, worse for some than for others but make no mistake our grandchildren will be dealing with a vastly different world than the one we now inhabit if this opportunity slips away yet again due to the avarice of some.

We will know if there is to be an agreement around 9 a.m. Paris time Saturday morning but of course it still must be ratified by our do nothing GOTP controlled Congress. The members of that esteemed body have demonstrated on multiple occasions their willingness and cheerful glee at the prospect of bringing us to the brink for the chance to quash another of President Obama’s initiatives and for the sake of propping up the Oil and Gas Industry.

Round and round they go will they stop, nobody knows?

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