Happy Winter Solstice

I met a friend for coffee this morning. It was scheduled for 09:30 A.M. but my friend was late, she habitually is. Actually she totally forgot about it, I can relate, so no aspersions will be cast; after all we are deep into the Holiday madness. I however am not. This year my daughters wrangled a no presents Christmas agreement out of me and I must say removing the obligation for selecting and purchasing that special gift for my loved ones is remarkably freeing. I’ve carried this ‘no gifts allowed’ concept to extend to everyone; of course I don’t have anyone special in my life so the distance to the land of un-Christmas is a short one.

My reluctant Coffee date did bring a gift for me though which was unnecessary but sweet. A lovely little plant to celebrate my greenness, I hope. Nala was immediately enamored with the plant and from the moment I took it out of my CVS bag she was all over it.

By the time my friend arrived I’d already consumed my first cuppa. So when we approached the barista’s counter to place her order I added a cuppa Green tea for me and paid for both. It was the least I could do in compensation for her gift giving and her driving out to Acton to meet me, albeit two hours late. It was delightful to see her and hear all about her recent adventures, woes, and aspirations. Unfortunately, I began flooding due to the long duration of the morning’s outing and had to leave abruptly; I still needed to negotiate CVS to pick up my prescriptions and walk home but it wasn’t raining, and that was a plus.

Happy Holidays to you all and Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate the Winter Solstice in Western Christian fashion, may it be a stress free, safe holiday that you enjoy on your own terms.

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