Sustaining the Interstitial

I feel that I occupy the interstices of American life. I thrive in that border land where few are willing to go. I live alone, bereft of close human intimacy as much by choice than by circumstance. I connect with others of my species electronically, especially during the dead season. This will be all the more evident when my one source of social contact closes their doors and moves out of walking range.

Existing here in the nether regions of creative space is an odd experience, especially for someone who, for most of his adult live, was a gregarious and outgoing a person as you could imagine. I survive here by the good graces of the American people, one in particular, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was the socialist minded President who instituted Social Security, the means by which I am able to live here on Middle Earth.

The origins of the term “Social Security” are a fascinating study in American history. Did you know that the name for this landmark legislation that sustains me along with the Fifty-seven million other retirees did not start out as Social Security?

“The term “social security” was not in widespread use in 1935 when it enshrined in the title of the Social Security Act. In fact, the original title of the Roosevelt Administration’s bill was the Economic Security Act, and the title of the committee which drafted the legislative proposal was the Committee on Economic Security. It was during consideration of the Economic Security bill in the Congress that the name was changed to Social Security Act and that became the familiar term from that day forward.”

To learn more about the origins of Social Security use this link — SS History

The next iteration in social programs that are designed to ensure the wellbeing of all our citizens is the BEIN – Basic Income Earth Network.

I hope America chooses a more benign leadership in this election cycle and rejects the candidacy of those who preach austerity at the expense of the most vulnerable among us. Take a lesson from history and vote in your own best interests.

Be well and God Bless

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