An exceptionally beautiful autumn Morning

An exceptionally beautiful autumn Morning

The access to the rail trail was much easier this morning than it has been on previous walks, despite the fact that Starbase Acton remains under construction. Part way through my conversation with the Almighty I easily walked up the dirt ramp, past the silent earthmovers, and around the piles of coarse sand, known as ‘crushrun’ to those who work in the road building profession. As always She, who is the Creator of all things, listened intently while I babbled on about who needed Her assistance, who should be wrapped within her healing power, and who needed Her attention – BTW, I said it is everyone!

Once past the meager obstructions the path opened on to a leaf-strewn whirlwind of treetop detritus blowing about, back and forth with each gust of wind. I was thankful for the presence of mind that allowed me to bring my hooded sweatshirt, a gift from my auburn haired daughter, Liz. It was chilly in the shade and the stiff breeze made the hoodie a welcome accoutrement. I observed only one solitary Blue Heron, fishing for his brunch as I strolled leisurely along the path. I assumed it was a male because of its large size, he was a rather big fellow but that did not make him the least bit brave or bold and he flew off with a squawk before I could capture an image of him.

Continuing my trek, I indulged in that ancient childhood imperative of shuffling through the fallen leaves accumulating on a section of the roadway. It held the same delight I recalled from my youth; however, when I turned around to see the mighty swath I was certain that I had cut in my wake, there was nothing. I might just as well have been some ethereal being without form or substance walking along this trail. The wind gusts blew additional leaves covering my tracks. Would that all humankind tread with so light a touch upon the earth, it would be a far better world.

I briefly toyed with the idea of calling my friend Mike Gowing to see if he and his lovely bride were amenable to an impromptu visit. Then I remembered the 30% coupon I had waiting at CVS, good only for one additional day, and the pile of laundry I had waiting so I turned around and started back; socializing and visiting would have to wait for another time.

The Gas Station at the intersection of Route 27 and Great Road boasts a lovely display of Hearty Mums and I stopped to take their photo before making my way to the pedestrian light and crossing. Once safely across I walked through the mostly deserted parking lot wondering if a new Coffee Shop would ever open their doors. It has been almost a year since the previous shop closed their door and deserted Woods Plaza.

CVS was the only anchor store open at this early hour; most other vendors would not open until noon or Monday morning. The comely and friendly CVS Assistant manager greeted me as I entered and assisted me in finding the items I wanted. I bought some personal hygiene items and assorted chocolate treats because, well you know, it is Halloween and I like chocolate.

Arriving home, I found Miss Nala waiting by the door, hoping to sneak out into the hallway for an adventure of her own. Dashing her hopes, I let her out onto the porch instead where she engaged in some leaf chasing and other cat-centric activities that she enjoys.

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