Changing Times in the United States Military

“Forgive my mawkishness, Harry. I’m an old man.” ~ Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The US Military, touted as the most awesome fighting machine in the world, capable of bringing “Fire and Fury” to our enemies, whomever they might be, is no longer manned by citizen Soldiers.
We dedicate an inordinate amount of our Tax Dollars to the Military, far more than any other country on the planet.
Did you know that our Forty-fifth is considering outsourcing the War in Afghanistan to a private Security Firm, the Academi? I see an inherent danger in waging war in this manner. At what point does a Corporation cease being a human being, according to the definition set out in Citizens United Supreme Court Decision, and becomes something else?
Moreover, what is to stop a Corporate Military from crossing the Rubicon and engaging in a coup, if those corporatist Caesars felt it was in the best interests of their shareholders to do so?
Have you heard of Constellis Corp. or Academi?
I am certain that you are familiar with Blackwater, the government services and security company Blackwater USA. Well, Blackwater keeps changing its name; it is now known as Academi and has been bought by Constellis Corporation.
Here is their About page:
ACADEMI, a Constellis company, is a global provider of sustainable training solutions and secure logistics management. We believe that the right combination of training and support will enable security forces across the globe to create and maintain safe environments for their nations to thrive in. As a result, we are committed to sharing best practices through cutting-edge training, complex program management, and logistic support.
Constellis combines the capabilities and experience of ACADEMI, Edinburgh International, Olive Group, Strategic Social and Triple Canopy, and provides complementary security, mission support, and training services. For more information visit”
Since its inception, the US military has relied upon our Nation’s young men and women to serve in its ranks and to come to the aid of their Nation when the need arose. The United States could use conscription, if necessary, but throughout our history, we have relied on citizen soldiers for our defense. Today if you were to query the term “Citizen Soldier” you would find, as I did, a number of unexpected results.
Most of the information that is returned is about the ways and means of joining the Military to enhance your chances of becoming a Citizen.
Now, I am not suggesting that offering a pathway to citizenship for those willing to enlist is a negative thing, on the contrary, I believe diversity in the military is a positive. However, I am concerned that shifting our focus away from citizen soldiers and relying on an all immigrant and corporate military is a huge mistake.

“Immigrants in the US Armed Forces”, “The Balance”, “by Rod Powers”, “08 Sept 2016”. < >

I would recommend a mandatory two years of Service for every young man and woman living in the US. They would not all be required to serve in the Armed Forces, unless they desired to do so; however, they could demonstrate fealty in many areas of public service.

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