The United States of Oligarchy

After eight months in office what has Forty-five and his Republican enablers in Congress accomplished for the American People?

Threatened repeatedly to take away our health care or change the law in such a manner as to make visiting a physician more expensive than people can afford.

Isolated the Nation we love from the rest of the world and diminish its standing among our allies.

Equated Nazis with anti-protesters and refused to clarify his statements until public outcry forced him to do so.

Conducted bombastic twitter battles with the god king leader of North Korea, as if verbal abuse will reduce tensions in a nuclear standoff.

Stated his intentions to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy when there are men, women, and children starving in the homeland.

Dismissed a Federal investigation as fake and fired the Director of the FBI.

Called our most revered institution, the Fourth Estate, liars, and Fake News when Journalists report the truth about him, his family, and his Administration.

Thinks that he knows more about the environment than 97% of all scientists who work in the field of climatology.

Spends his time bullying NFL and NBA athletes because he disagrees with their constitutional right of free speech.

Obsessed with eradicating every initiative of his more qualified Black predecessor.

Of course there is one thing that the Republicans can claim to have accomplished since assuming control of all three branches of Government; they confirmed a new Supreme Court Justice to the Bench. Of course they had to deny the rightful nominee a hearing and deviate from the accepted Constitutional norm to do so but what is the point of being a collection of wealthy, old, privileged white men if you cannot ignore the Law?

For some reason that escapes all logic, individuals who do not represent my interests are governing my Nation, neither do they act in the best interests of the whole Nation. They govern for a very low percentage of people in the US, the corporatists and the obscenely wealthy. That form of government is commonly referred to as an Oligarchy. Therefore, they should add one more thing to their very short list of accomplishments, changing the name of our Nation from the United States of America to the United States of Oligarchy.

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