Parental Expectation

I was born in the spring and beloved of my mother.

She had great faith in me, her only child.

She held immense expectations for me, my life, and certain it would be better than hers,

My mother would proudly proclaim, “My Son!”

I was told that I held great potential,

My educators were far less enthusiastic; I was born with a congenital flaw you see.

I began to doubt my dame’s belief in me, along with my own,

nevertheless, life went on.

Achievement was a myth, a cruel lie, never coming to fruition.

Mediocrity was my greatest accomplishment; I reveled in it.

‘Not to be’ became my sad lament.

Then I found myself with a woman and called it_ LOVE.

Today my greatest triumphs are my two daughters.

I am careful not to set the bar too high for them, let it be if it is to be.

The drop is deep and painful when you reach the bottom.

“My daughters!” They are the best of me.

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