Are there no alternatives to the Republican Party?

It is baffling to me that some in the US still support the Republican Party and the Trump regime, given their inability to govern for the wellbeing of all the people and not just the wealthy few.

I have taken the liberty of compiling a four item list of the most egregious actions committed by the Trump administration with the support of the Republican Party and worse, defended by it. With a modicum of research I am confident you could find more.

Are there no viable alternatives to the GOP?

I could easily have continued but you get the gist. We can, we must do better than this! Vote in your own best interest in 2020, no one is going to do it for you.


I. Republican obsession with dismantling the ACA without a suitable replacement.

“Trump Administration Files Formal Request to Strike Down All of Obamacare”, “The New York Times”, “By Jan Hoffman and Abby Goodnough”, “01 May 2019”. < >


II. Obstruction of Justice –

Read the Mueller Report Volume II, page 2. “Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” < >


III. Trump’s Corrupt Cabinet and Administration

“Trump Team’s Conflicts and Scandals: An Interactive Guide”, “Bloomberg”, “By Reporters: Bill Allison, Jennifer Dlouhy, Anna Edney, Christopher Flavelle, David Kocieniewski, Caleb Melby, Zachary R. Mider, Shahien Nasiripour, Ari Natter and David Voreacos”, “14 March 2019”. < >


IV. Draconian Immigration Policy

Separating children from their parents without keeping track of either parent or child is unconscionable as an immigration policy and yet that is exactly what the Trump Administration is guilty of doing.

“Trump Is Still Separating Families in Possible Violation of a Court Order”, “Slate”, “By MEREDITH HOFFMAN”, “04 April 2019”. < >

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