Welcome to my Blog.

My name is Dennis Caristi, I’m an aspiring author. I’ve written four books and had two articles published in Literary magazines. One Cookbook exclusively for my daughters Liz and Julia. It was and is a labor of love.

My first attempt at writing is an Adult Fiction Novella titled :”To Do the Right Thing” while it also is a labor of love but I felt was much too autobiographical, didactic, pedagogic, pedantic, expository, homiletic, hortative, and donnish to ever find an agent, let alone a publisher. This forced the third writing project, and I’m pleased to say a much more enjoyable novel to write, titled: “THE ENVIRONMENTAL WARS: The Voyages” another Adult Fiction of 101,480 words that I’m now fully committed to finding it a good publishing home for, along with a second book in the series, the 97,183-word Climate-Science Fiction Fantasy novel “THE ENVIRONMENTAL WARS: Antebellum”, to whit, this blog, Keepingthegoodsideout.

Keepingthegoodsideout is a compilation of musings, articles and personal opinions that I write and post online for anyone to read and comment on, it functions as a tool that I use to keep my writing skills, such as they are, honed and sharp for the day when I can go to the sweet land of vindication and have one of my works published. Being a writer really means,  that you write, just write because the act of writing makes you a writer.

be well


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m sorry to point out that you are very close to infringing on my copyright “Good Side Out”, “Good Side Out LLC,” and all domains containing all forms of goodsideout. This copyright was formally established in 2005, Anchorage, US when my business practice was formed. You should seriously consider modifying your title.


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