I watched a film last evening and this morning, a documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Narrated by Glenn Close. It is a hauntingly beautiful film that is also incredibly disturbing. It outlines the interdependence of the world’s ecosystems showing via an aerial journey the damage and scars left upon the earth by human activity. From the agricultural revolution of our industrial farming practices to our ever increasing dependence on fossil fuels and the environmentally unsound methods of extracting it, this film exposes our excesses. Viewed from above images of the damage that has been wrought is very painful and hard to watch, but this is a film that should be mandatory for every human, especially consumers, to see. It just might make the difference between continued life on this fragile planet or extinction for all.

I was so moved by HOME that I composed this poem after watching it.

Extinction is forever

 O man O man, what have thou wrought?

What scars have you made upon my surface, and for what?

To feed the livestock so that some can eat meat,

Leave the rest to starve with little to eat,

to make wealthy the few beyond compare

you poison the water and pollute the air.

O man O man, what have thou done?

Spent more for weapons than on your son

And starved our daughters, overfished our waters

Stripped the land and heated the earth

Til nothing is left, what was it all worth?

O man O man, now you are gone

You could have changed but you waited too long.