Whom to vote for in 2020?

Yes, I am a Socialist, pure and unadulterated; if I were elected to Congress, I would be in favor of every Progressive initiative so far suggested.

  • Single Payer Health Care because a healthy Nation is a productive one. Check
  • Free College Tuition because our young people are our best resource and profiting off their education is criminal and uncivilized. Check
  • Basic Guaranteed Income because people who are secure are more productive. Check
  • A Green New Deal because destroying our ecosystem is not a viable long or short-term option; it is just stupid. Check

Fortunately, or not, I am not a member of Congress; I am just a little damaged guy with one vote, wondering for whom I should cast that one vote.


Murrumph Aeyerrrm, whom to pick? A neo-liberal Democrat retread or one of the shiny new comers? I never heard of Obama, until Oprah introduced him, and he worked out OK!

The question and the major detraction, of course, is “How to pay for it all?” Therefore, should I pick a moral pragmatist instead of a Progressive visionary to battle the Trump? Because that is the overriding criteria, whom can make DJT a one term President?

However, let me ask you this, where would we be if President Roosevelt acted pragmatically during the Great Depression of the 1930’s instead of ethically and with compassion?

The Democrats under FDR spent liberally to pull us back from the brink and still had enough money to successfully fight and win the Second World War. So excuse me if I am mildly dubious of fiscal conservatives crying poor mouth, especially when Republicans, those champions of Deficit Reduction, recently gave $1.3 – $1.9 Trillion in Tax cuts to the wealthiest families and corporations in the US without much concern for incurring hyperinflation.

The US uses a Fiat Currency.

“Fiat money is a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government regulation. Fiat money does not have use value, and has value only because a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in exchange agree on its value.” < Goldberg, Dror (2005). “Famous Myths of “Fiat Money””. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. 37 (5): 957–967. >


Whom to vote for in 2020, I still do not know.

A Social Democrat with loads of progressive ideas


A retread middle of the road Democrat? Perhaps one of the newbies possessed of abundant charisma and energy but short on experience?


I do not know; thankfully, I have until Tuesday, March 3, 2020 to decide.

< https://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/2020-presidential-primary-schedule-calendar/ >


Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash



Disillusion – [dis-i-loo-zhuh n] – Verb (used with object) – to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.

Noun 2. – a freeing or a being freed from illusion or conviction; disenchantment.

Origin of disillusion 1590-16001590-1600; dis-1+ illusion – disillusionment, noun

I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with politics! More precisely, with politicians. I get it, in order to win election to Public office you have to really, really want it. You must put yourself out there, exposed for your would be constituency to see, poke a stick at, and decide your fate.

Yuck, who would want to do that?

Someone driven by a superior sense of public service, e.g. “Serving the Public Good”, admirable, yes? I think so, and I personally know several individuals who meet and surpass that criteria.

So what is my problem?

Self-sacrifice – [self-sak-ruh-fahys, self-]  – Noun – Sacrifice of one’s interests, desires, etc., as for duty or the good of another.

Origin of self-sacrifice Expand – 1795-18051795-1805

  1. self-sacrificer, noun
  2. self-sacrificial [self-sak-ruh-fish-uh l, self-] (Show IPA), adjective
  3. self-sacrificing, adjective
  4. self-sacrificingly, adverb
  5. self-sacrificingness, noun

Self sacrifice. The Christ is the only human to have actually self-sacrificed himself for the wellbeing of the human race and since he was a tri-god it cannot be compared against the abilities of lesser mortals. All others who serve pale in comparison, yet that is the quintessential quality of ‘Service’. Therefore, my problem with politicians comes when they place their own personal goals ahead of the common good. When Party, hubris, and winning the election become so paramount that all other concerns fade into the background. Why is winning so damn important?

I have been engaged in several online discussions today about the possibility of a split progressive vote between liberals from several Parties. There is a rare, yet distinct possibility that Greens, HRC supporters and Bernie-ites could split the vote in 2016 so that a Trump victory becomes a reality. (See the four articles at the end of this post) I hold the opinion that those who have virtually no chance of winning the 2016 Presidential Election should, for the good of the Nation, drop out and request that their supporters get behind the candidate with the best chance of winning, whoever that turns out to be. I know that is a great sacrifice and that it goes against our competitive instincts; however, it is the right thing to do. IMHO

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